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Drive online sales with emails your customers open, read, and take action on.
Good Customer Service Starts with a


Anyone can send an email, but how can you capture your audience’s attention in a crowded inbox? Meo Forest delivers smart and cost-effective email marketing services in Canada, with proven returns on investments.

Attention Grabbing Emails

We craft campaigns that standout in your customers inbox. We ensure your customers are not only opening your emails, but acting on them.

Deep Customer Analysis

We dive into the details for better segmentation, analysis, and returns. The more we crunch the numbers, the smarter our strategy.

Reengage and Remind

Email marketing used to be about newsletters, but today that's just the start. Today, we focus on re engagement, reminders, and repetition as the pillars of email marketing for online businesses.


The best email marketing services are personalized, data-driven, and produce measurable returns. Our onboarding process starts with your goals and works backward to create a comprehensive email marketing strategy.


We craft each and every email based on your vision, goals, and budget. These details form the foundation of every campaign and customer segmentation.

Launch and Automate

We work with you through every step of the journey to a successful email marketing campaign launch. Emails are automated, so you never miss a beat.


We monitor open-rate, click-through-rate, and bounce-rate on every single email. We pivot our approach as we gain a detailed understanding of your email list.

More Than a Newsletter

Make Email Marketing
Work For You

Through detailed personalization, we create automated emails to bring customers back to your website over and over again, including back in stock notifications, promos, abandoned carts, and more.


Emails are designed to meet your customers wherever they are in the sales funnel. Meo Forest designs personalized automated campaigns based on behavior and shopping patterns.


Let's break down each segment to design email strategies that are relevant and produce returns.

Emails Marketing Services in Canada

We use our years of expertise to build a strong email marketing strategy around your objectives. Based on this foundation, we plan the scope, manage the rollout, optimize each email, and evaluate our results.

Continuous Evaluation

Our plan evolves as we incorporate new data on your email list, including open rates and click-through rates.

Ongoing Customer Support

Our email marketing services team is ready 247 to address any issues which may arise.

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